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Welcome to Pulmonary and Sleep Academy's website - your gateway to a series of online CME courses that are directed to medical professionals caring for patients with pulmonary and sleep-related disorders in the office setting. Our intended audience includes advanced practitioners (including nurse practitioners and physician assistants), respiratory therapists, medical students, physicians and any other medical professional who sees patients with pulmonary disease or sleep-disordered breathing. To learn more about how these courses evolved, please click here.  

We are excited to announce that coming Fall 2019, we'll be offering our first two courses, Pulmonary Academy and Sleep Academy.  These courses will be 10 sessions (approximately 15 hours each) and upon completion of the course, you will be eligible for CME credit. To our knowledge, our online CME course is the only comprehensive, online course offered by recognized physician experts in pulmonary and sleep medicine directed at non-specialists such as advanced practitioners, respiratory therapist, medical students and resident physicians who care for patients with sleep and pulmonary disorders. The academy program's curriculum focuses on broad aspects of training across a wide spectrum of diseases. Pulmonary and Sleep Academy will serve as a comprehensive resource to quickly expand your knowledge of underlying principles of pulmonary and sleep medicine and apply these lessons to quality patient care. At the end of these courses, we are confident that after just approximately 15 hours per course, you will understand the fundamentals and have expanded your knowledge base to step up the practice of pulmonary and/or sleep medicine to that of a seasoned practitioner with years of practical practice experience. We invite you to enjoy free previews from Session 1 of these courses:





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Dr. Peter Sloane

Dr. Brian Bohner

Natalie Orbach, PA

Dr. Alan Schwartz





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