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Pulmonary and Sleep Academy offers courses designed for medical professionals caring for patients with pulmonary, critical care and sleep-related disorders. Our courses are interactive with ample clinical problems for you to solve with detailed explanations after each problem. Our content has been developed over several years and vetted by our own group of advanced practitioners whose suggestions have been incorporated into our content and format. To learn more about our courses, click on the tiles, below.


In Pulmonary Academy, Dr. Peter Sloane and Natalie Orbach, PA-C, provide medical professionals caring for patients with respiratory diseases a sound knowledge base to diagnose and manage a wide spectrum of pulmonary disorders.

The course starts with an review of basic pulmonary anatomy and pathophysiology followed by an overview of office-based pulmonary function testing and the approach to the pulmonary patient’s office visit.

The main course content focuses on common pulmonary problems seen in the office setting including obstructive and restrictive lung disease, pulmonary vascular disease, lung neoplasms and other key topics.

On completion of the course, you will expand your knowledge base to confidently care for this challenging patient population.


In Critical Care Medicine Academy, Peter Sloane, MD, Dr. Brian Bohner, and David Weisman, DO starts with an in depth review of the pathophysiology of respiratory failure (including an in depth review of ARDS), ventilator management strategies, acid-base disorders, sepsis syndrome and cardiovascular emergencies.

This is followed by a mini-course on basic POCUS(point-of-care-ultrasound) by Dr. David Weisman, focusing on pulmonary and cardiac ultrasound imaging.

Finally, Dr. Brian Bohner provides an overview of neurologic, GI, hematologic/oncologic, and endocrine emergencies.

This course will provide the student with a board knowledge base of the underlying pathophysiology of the critically ill patient along with the tools to assess and manage this challenging population.


In Sleep Academy, Dr. Brian Bohner, Dr. Alan Schwartz and several sleep educators present a practical “soup to nuts” curriculum with an in-depth overview of the essential topics needed to practice Sleep Medicine.

This curriculum includes several interactive cases in the final section of each of the topics, with these management sessions representing the common challenges you will be facing every week in a Sleep Medicine Clinic.

The curriculum is presented at a level for the advanced practitioner, either new to the field or seasoned and looking for a fresh overview.  The course has also been utilized by sleep technicians in preparation for the CCSH examination, with feedback suggesting that this course prepared them for every question.  The course has also been well received by physicians who are new to the field.


What to Expect

Just below is a screenshot of our learning center’s Dashboard and an example of one of the test questions. On the Dashboard, you’ll find a quick-links to your subscribed courses. Each Session Home page has the session objectives, line up of modules (including single click access to the course content) and progress check boxes. After completing the evaluation and post-test (multiple attempts allowed), you’ll have one click access to your CME certificate. We also provide you with PDF’s of the slide deck and other handouts. We know you will enjoy the streamlined course navigation. Thanks to our friends at Course Merchant for help in the design of the course!

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