Sleep Academy

Online Sleep Medicine Course

In Sleep Academy, Dr. Brian Bohner, Dr. Alan Schwartz and several sleep educators present a practical “soup to nuts” curriculum with an in-depth overview of the essential topics needed to practice sleep medicine. This curriculum includes several interactive cases in the final section of each of the topics, with these management sessions representing the common challenges you will be facing every week in a sleep medicine clinic. The curriculum is presented at a level for the advanced practitioner, either new to the field or seasoned and looking for a fresh overview.  The course has also been utilized by sleep technicians in preparation for the CCSH examination, with feedback suggesting that this course prepared them for every question.  


Learning Objectives

Session 1: Understanding Normal Sleep
Session 2: Sleep Studies
Session 3: Overview of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Session 4: Therapy Options for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Session 5: Central Sleep Apnea
Session 6: Overview of an Approach to Insomnia
Session 7: Hypersomnia – Causes and Therapies
Session 8: Movement Disorders and Parasomnias
Session 9: Common Circadian Wake/Sleep Disorders
Session 10: Sleep Pharmacology

Sleep Academy was a great, well-organized overall review of sleep medicine. The portion on central sleep apnea was extremely helpful, especially the explanation of plant gain versus controller gain which helped deepen my understanding of this concept. The last module on medications was also especially helpful. Teasing out the different classes of medications helped me to better organize and remember the different classes of drugs available for sedation and wakefulness. I look forward to reviewing these slides again. A must for newcomers in this field. On completion of Sleep Academy, I enrolled in Pulmonary Academy and am looking forward to that course!

Gail Hefter DNP, CRNP
Johns Hopkins Sleep Disorders Center
Baltimore, Maryland

As I moved in to my role as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, I was trying to read so many books about sleep medicine as I was nearly new to this specialty. I was searching for websites for improving my knowledge. In the process of my search, I found this website which filled my gap of knowledge and expanded the depth of my understanding. The constructive and detailed presentations of the speaker was engrossing for the brain and enlivening for the heart. These are the topics that we see usually in our clinics and it helped me immeasurably to make my decisions and management plan. All contents of the topic were relevant, well-explained throughout and at the right pace. I would like to see more about obesity hypoventilation syndrome, narcolepsy and cataplexy. I would suggest all who work with sleep and pulmonary medicine to undertake these modules.

Susan George, Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Cambridge, UK

The course was well done, overall. I like the rhythm of having three parts in each section. The first half was much more new information for me, as I do primary care.  I would have liked to see more about devices, and what sleep labs look like as I haven’t seen a lab or a device.

Lorena Monroe, Nurse Practitioner

The sleep academy session is a great continuing education program to learn or reinforce knowledge in sleep medicine. This program provides in-depth technical information with associated clinical application. I wish that Sleep Academy was around when I started practicing sleep medicine.

Morgan Hughes, Nurse Practitioner
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