Pulmonary Academy

Online Pulmonary Medicine Course

In Pulmonary Academy, Dr. Peter Sloane and Natalie Orbach, PA-C provide medical professionals caring for patients with respiratory diseases a sound knowledge base to diagnose and manage a wide spectrum of pulmonary disorders. The course starts with an review of basic pulmonary anatomy and pathophysiology followed by an overview of office-based pulmonary function testing and the approach to the pulmonary patient’s office visit. The main course content focuses on common pulmonary problems seen in the office setting including obstructive and restrictive lung disease, pulmonary vascular disease, lung neoplasms and other key topics. On completion of the course, you will expand your knowledge base to confidently care for this challenging patient population.


Learning Objectives

Session 1: Introduction – An Overview of Pulmonary
Session 2: Pulmonary Testing
Session 3: The Pulmonary Office Visit
Session 4: Obstructive Lung Disease – COPD
Session 5: Obstructive Lung Disease – Asthma
Session 6: Restrictive Lung Diseases
Session 7: Pulmonary Vascular Diseases
Session 8: Lung Neoplasms and Pulmonary Nodules
Session 9: Common Complaints
Session 10: Other Key Topics

So much information. Dr. Sloane excellent teacher. I will need to go through again to absorb more info. The pathology slides, CXR, and CT scans were helpful.

Amy H., NP, Gretna, NE

Speaking from experience in both pulmonary and sleep medicine, I feel this course is a great learning tool for a novice practitioner and a great reference for a seasoned practitioner. It is easy to follow and very applicable in a clinical setting which is what I look for. I highly recommend this to other practitioners!

Deepa Patel, CRNP
Columbus, Ohio

The course is comprehensive, very much applicable to clinical practice and can be completed at your own pace. It allows you to test your knowledge before and after each session. The website is well-designed and easy to navigate. It provides clear and detailed information regarding course content, registration, faculty and includes frequently asked questions.

Patricia Davis, Nurse Practitioner
Bronx, New York
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